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Which machine do you need when processing fluorite powder 2018-12-29 17:39

Fluorite is also known as fluorite. A mineral that is more common in nature, can be symbiotic with many other minerals, and is produced in many parts of the world. There are 5 effective varieties. Isometric crystal system, the main component is calcium fluoride (CaF2). Crystallization is octahedron and cube. The crystal is glassy, the color is bright and varied, the texture is brittle, the Mohs hardness is 4, the melting point is 1360 ° C, and it has complete cleavage properties. Some samples can emit light under the conditions of friction, heat, ultraviolet radiation, and the like.
The mineral is derived from volcanic magma. During the magma cooling process, the aqueous solution separated by the magma contains fluorine. During the process of the solution rising along the fracture, the fluoride ions in the aqueous solution combine with the calcium ions in the surrounding rock to form fluorination. Calcium forms fluorite after cooling and crystallization. It exists in rocks such as granite, pegmatite and syenite.
The processing of fluorite including crushing, milling, and other processes. Milling is a very important process in fluorite processing. Choosing the right fluorite grinding equipment is the key to improve the quality of fluorite.
Technical advantages
1. The design of the fluorite pendulum mill is a vertical structure. The main structure includes the main machine, electric control motor, analysis machine, pipeline device, etc. The structure design is very reasonable, the operation is easy, and the maintenance is convenient.

2. The vibration of the equipment is quite small, and the noise is low and the dust is small, which fully meets the national environmental protection standards.

3. The amount of grinding treatment per unit time is large and the energy consumption is low. By comparing the traditional milling equipment, the grinding treatment capacity of the equipment is increased by 20%~30%, and the energy consumption is reduced by 30%~40%, which saves the enterprise. A lot of investment costs.

4. The equipment is quite stable in the production process, almost no failure, and the safety performance is very high.

5, the equipment is cost-effective, economical, cost-effective, and long service life.
fluorite powder grinding mill

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