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Feldspar micro powder grinding mill is a necessity for its processing 2019-03-07 14:06

The melting point of feldspar is between 1100 and 1300 C, which is lower than that of quartz and silicate. Feldspar can be used as flux in glass and ceramics industry and reduce firing temperature when it is melted with quartz and silicate minerals. Feldspar can be matched with other raw materials in enamel raw material industry. In addition, feldspar can also be used for abrasives and abrasives in the abrasive industry; production of glass fibers; as fusion binder and detergent for welding rods, etc. Potassium feldspar is the raw material for potassium fertilizer and chemical industry. Feldspar is widely used as raw material in glass, ceramics, chemical industry, abrasive abrasives, glass fibre and welding rod industry because of its excellent technological characteristics.
Potassium-sodium feldspar ore contains a certain amount of harmful impurities, especially iron and titanium elements, which seriously affect the development and utilization of feldspar and the quality of feldspar products.
The grinding of ores is to dissociate useful minerals from harmful minerals, and to meet the particle size requirements of final products. Therefore, grinding is an important operation before separation. The grinding of feldspar is mainly divided into dry grinding and wet grinding. The grinding time directly affects the grinding fineness and thus the effect of iron removal and purification. Experiments show that the grinding fineness increases with the increase of grinding time. The optimum grinding fineness of feldspar ore from different producing areas is also different. The optimum grinding fineness of selected feldspar ore can be determined by experiments.
The technical requirements for enamel grade feldspar are similar to glass grade feldspar, the main difference being that it is ground finer. As for feldspar powder for sanitary ceramics and ceramics, the K2O requires 5-14%, and it is usually ground to 200 mesh or finer, sometimes Fe 2O3 should not exceed 0.025%. Feldspar used in filler is similar in size and chemical composition to ceramic grade feldspar, but allows the presence of higher content of free quartz, sometimes the particle size constraint is calculated in millimeters.
Now here is one of our main feldspar grinding mills——HGM feldspar micro powder grinding mill. The final feldspar powder size can be adjusted between 200 to 2500 mesh. The installation of this feldspar micro powder grinding mill can be designed given to the individual client’s factory size. If you have any questions about our feldspar powder mill, just contact us directly. You can chat with us online or leave messages on our website. We will reply to you within 12 hours.
feldspar micro powder grinding mill

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